Drawing for Beginners – Italian Icons, Ms Loren too busy

Penny Morgan, vegetables

Vegetables (pastel) - Penny Morgan, her first go at colour (last day)

We have just finished our first Drawing for Beginners course of the year.  As always I am astonished by the results that the students managed in just a week.

We had a very reduced group due to a late cancellation, which meant that I was able to spend more time with each student and we went on several little jaunts despite the 40degree heat. Thank heavens for the new studio which maintained it’s cool throughout.

mark vegetables drawing holiday

Mark's first go at colour too (last day)

painting holidays italy penny morgan Day 1. A contour drawing (ie no looking at the paper) by Penny.  Acutally it’s two drawings on top of one another – we all loved it, much to Penny’s confusion, it just seems to capture the spirit of the Vespa

We visited  Camerino where a pleasant breeze freshened the ducal palace – a perfect place to grapple with perspective.

painting holiday in italy

Day 2. Penny’s pencil drawing of the ducal palace courtyard, Camerino

painting holidays in italy

painting holidays italypainting in italy, rocca d'ajelloPioraco is in the mountains, and is rumoured to be a few degrees cooler – not that day!  We also drew the Rocca d’Ajello and visited Caldarola.  We dropped in on Castelraimondo a few times, but largely for the quality of the dark chocolate ice cream rather than artistic endeavour.

Day 4, Mark’s charcoal & pastel picture from pencil sketch of Rocca d’Ajello

Penny bialetti painting holidaysWhilst doing the necessary drawing exercises I tried to concentrate on Italian icons.  Both Penny and Mark have gone home with lots of pictures of Andrea’s battered old vespa, Bialetti coffee makers, castles etc  – if you are going on a drawing holiday people might as well know where you’ve been, and it saves on postcards …  I did ring Sophia Loren but she was busy. painting holidays in italy

Penny’s Bialetti and bottles, tonal study (day 3)and Mark’s Vespa (day5)

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and encouragement over the week. I cannot look at anything now without thinking of shade, tone, shape and negative space – funnily the latter seems more critical than anything. I found the entire week relaxing and restorative. Much of this was due to the evident development of my art – from zero to something I could show someone and I will, for sure, try and keep the skills going and growing. But much too was due to the excellent company, the superb food (and drink of course) and the attention to detail and care for us – Maisie certainly has a future in hospitality if she wants it!

Thanks to you – to Andrea, the in-laws and the girls – and who knows maybe I can graduate to a painting class next year.
Mark (Prague)

Dear Caroline,  Just to let you know the journey back to Brussels was fine…..Dull, wet & cold here – missed waking up to brilliant sunshine & glorious view. Many thanks for a wonderful week – the observational eye was working overtime on the train to Ancona but unfortunately I had no pencil & my sketchbook was in my case! Will really try to keep up some aspect of drawing though when I’ve time. Thanks also to Andrea for his wonderful cooking. Best wishes, Penny. (Brussels)