Le Marche

marche coast, painting in italy

The Sirolo coast, 1hr drive

A region northeast of Rome, Le Marche stretches from the shores of the Adriatic in the East to the Appenines to the West.  It is famous within Italy for it’s rolling fertile hills and abundant harvest. For many years Le Marche was one of the Papal States and therefore has many stunning unspoilt medieval towns.
To the East are many miles of beaches along the Adriatic coast (30 mins). If you like it sandy, craggy, or shigley, there will be something for you.  (Personally I’m more of a lake person)



The beautiful little town, with it’s distinctive twin towered Duomo, dominates the landscape and enjoys stunning views of the Sibilini and Appenine Mountains.

Corsa alla spada – Not just a race. The whole town comes over all medieval from 10-14 May with the three contradas trying to outdo each other with renaissance costumes and foods.

Festival of Chamber Music – This festival attracts world renown musicians in the intimate setting of Camerino’s beautiful little baroque theatre

Yoga courses –Camerino has an excellent Yoga School offering a range of courses and classes for all levels www.yoga-camerino.com
Local Bar/Restaurant– we are 15 minutes walk from Pappafo, a lively and picturesque local Restaurant.
Horse riding – the best local stables are at Matelica – our kids love them.
Cookery courses –  Pappafo  is happy to offer custom designed cooking courses by the day – please contact us for prices.

Places to Visit

The Lago di Fiastra – a beautifully blue lake in the Sibilini mountains.  No chlorine, no salt  just cool. (Also a very good restaurant specializing in truffles).
Loreto– A pilgrimage town, approximately 40-minutes drive away.
Assisi – A pilgrimage town, approximately one-hours drive, through the mountains. Packed full of very lovely Giottos!
Matelica – A 15-minute drive to the center of the Verdiccio wine region.
The Frassassi Caves – Sassoferrato, Fabriano  30mins– the largest cave complex in the Europe and truly, truly breathtaking.  Also refreshingly cool on a hot day

Fabriano paper mill

Fabriano paper mill

Fabriano Paper Mill –  30-minutes- the oldest commercial paper mill in Europe. They offer very good half-day workshops in papermaking.  If there is enough interest, we’re happy to arrange a visit.
Macerata Opera Festival 22 July – 6th August – 30 minute drive

Pictures of Camerino

Vicolo dell'Arco

Church tower, Santa Maria in Via / the duomo

Arch, San Vernanzio

Corsa alla spada, San Vernanzio

San Vernanzio/ Maiden, Corsa alla Spada

Corsa alla spada, parade, May

Corsa alla spada, parade, May / Rocca Borgia

The fountain, Rocca Borgia

Sunny spells, Rocca Borgia

Panorama, Rocca Borgia

Window's and shutters, spring light

The Palazzo Ducal

Doors and knocker

Vicolo dell' Arco

University gates

Tower, San Erasmo

Rocca d'Ajello

Rocca d'Ajello / Rocca Varano

Camerino from the Tuseggia road, winter

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