Food and Drink

Andrea is in charge of feasting. He was taught to cook in the traditional Italian way by his father, the celebrity chef Rudi Silvestri. Fortunately, he enjoys sharing his talents with family and friends.

From the first coffee of the morning (Romcaffe) to the last night-cap (Amaro di Vernelli from Muccia, or, for the very brave my own Sloe Gin) we try to source all our food locally; most vegetables come from our kitchen garden, and eggs from our three busy hens. We are members of a cooperative which supports small farmers in the production of organic food. They provide beautiful flavoursome ingredients which put even Italian supermarkets in the shade.



Andrea cooks regional food in a farmhouse style which allows the ingredients to speak for themselves. Local wines, which seldom make their way abroad are Verdiccio, Lacrima di Morro and Rosso di Conero. You will enjoy some new tastes (such as wild boar and summer truffles), as well as some old favourites. Vegetarians will enjoy the freshness and the variety our produce. If you have dietary requirements, such as glucose or lactose intolerance, please let us know and we can easily incorporate it into our meals.text

Josh (background, non painter but dedicated foodie) says I should definately be ‘bigging up the food’, I’m not sure how to do that until they invent scratch and sniff internet. Don’t worry, it won’t be long




To round it all off, on the last day we will visit our friends at Pappafo Restaurant who make us a special gourmet menu of 9 courses showcasing the local cuisine. Really not to missed.

Food and Accommodation Only

As the fame of Andrea’s cooking spreads far and wide, we have received several enquiries about holidays without the painting (I have decided not to take it personally, some people simply don’t know that they need to draw yet).

We are happy to accommodate for the price of a non-painting partner, however, participants must come either as a couple or be prepared to stay at the local Country House, Pappafo


Lots of vegetarian options….

… this isn’t one of them. Shame you can’t smell the truffle burgers

Pictures of some meals at our house


... fresh egg tagliatelli / lasagna


Wild boar and polenta


Light the oven....

... build the pizza......

...apply heat..


... enjoy


Stuffed guinea fowl, roast potatoes, beans and frigitelli


Slightly blurred, after dinner extended selfie

The 'go to' cheese guy, Castelraimondo market

Pasta Vongole


Final dinner at Pappafo

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