12 day Painting Courses


£1700 - ensuite private room
Non painting partner:  £1000
What's included

Dates 2018

 16th-28th May


We have found that often people want to stay longer than the traditional week, but appreciate a little break after about day 5. We have therefore designed these courses in two 5 day blocks with a day’s rest in between.


We are happy to adjust to the needs of individual artists.  As a rough idea the following covers most topics

Week 1

Julie Critchenson, oil

We do exercises during the morning to help artists cover the basics of painting and drawing, followed by an afternoon either of free painting or a trip.  In  the afternoon the tutor is available to help with the process of planning a picture from the beginning right through to the final touch.  How to compose an interesting subject and capture a mood.

Day 1 – Form and line –

Day 2 – Perspective and measuring –  In the afternoon we take you to the Ducal Palace in Camerino where the perspectives are so complex you can’t possibly rely on measuring alone – just to get you back into the creative zone.

Day 3 – Tone

Day 4 – Colour – mixing, harmonies, temperature, the special role of white and the power of the limited palatte


Day 5 – Composition and Abstraction – a fun day when artists can experiment with the fundamentals of composition and, should they wish, take the first steps towards abstraction – we look at mood and atmosphere.

Week 2

This is a far less structured week, allowing artists to consolidate on lessons learnt in the previous week.  Tuition is always available to encourage and demonstrate in a variety of media, helping artists to find their own particular style of visual expression.

Excursions –

Marian and Rod, Lago di Fiastra

As with the weekly courses we will be going on several excursions, – to Pioraco, Rocca d’Ajello, Lago di Fiastra, Tolentino

Here are some things to consider for your day off


we can arrange daily car hire for €30 euros.


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