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2017 dates

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7 Day Courses – Drawing, Painting and Journaling

Price: €1300  – ensuite private room

Non-painting partner: €780

What's included

 12 Day Course – Painting

Price  €1850  – ensuite private room,

Non-painting partner:  €1110

What's included


  • Ice creams
  • postcards

Non Painting partner

Whilst nonpainting partners are very welcome to join us on excursions,  a place on the minibus cannot be guaranteed, therefore car hire is strongly recommended for partners requiring independence.

Food and Accommodation Only

As the fame of Andrea’s cooking spreads far and wide, we have received several enquiries about holidays without the painting (I have decided not to take it personally, some people simply don’t know that they need to draw yet).

We are happy to accommodate for the price of a non-painting partner, however,  participants must come either as a couple or be prepared to stay at the local Country House, Pappafo

How to pay

Fees are paid in two parts.

A deposit of €200 will secure your place and can be paid through the paypal button below (paga adesso = buy now).  The deposit is non-refundable but is transferable (ie you can pass it on to someone else or use it on one of our other courses).  If you do not have a paypal account, don’t worry, they will give you an option to pay securely by credit card.


The balance (due two months before arrival) is payable by bank transfer, we will email you our account details.  Unfortunately from 24.6.16 we can not longer accept payment in Stirling.

Most banks now offer international transfers online.  Please note that we cannot accept payment of the balance by international cheque, Western Union or Paypal.

All transfer and conversion fees are payable by the artist.

We regret there can be no participation without payment.

Cancellation Policy

    We have no minimum number of artists.  In the event that there is only one participant we would be happy to either run the course on a one to one basis, or return your deposit if you prefer. If we are forced to cancel a course for unforeseen circumstances we would refund all monies received.



If you are interested in any aspects of our holidays please complete the box below and we will reply as soon as possible. Alternatively our phone number is 0039(italy) 0737  632249, text/mobile 0039 328 9680796.  Please fill in our booking form.

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Gift Vouchers – if you are buying an art holiday as a gift we are happy to provide a personalised voucher to give the recipient on the day.

Please be very careful entering your email as this is the only way we can contact you. If you do not receive a reply please text 0039 328 9680796
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