Sketching and Journaling Holiday



£1200 - ensuite private room

Non-painting partner: £720

What's included


7th-14th June

9th-16th October


This course involves the creation of a traveler’s journal.  You don’t need to be an accomplished artist, everyone’s journal is individual using drawings, words and image transfer singular to themselves.  That is what makes it so special. Artisitic tuition is always on hand to help build confidence, your jounal will be about an artistic as well as an actual journey.

We will be travelling around in our trusty minibus with a variety of papers and materials, looking at ways to capture the essense of a place and time.

We will use, watercolour, pencils, gouache, watersoluble pen, permanent pen, acrylic, pan pastel and ink sticks – discover for yourself which medium most helps your creativity. Work is created on loose-leaf paper which is then bound into a journal on the last day

Devon journal

Devon journal

A sketch of my friend's library used represent our 40 year relationship. I'm the solid looking one on the left.

Puglia, Olives

Puglia, Olives

A spooky feeling whilst sketching the stange shapes of ancient olive trees

Bikini Allsorts

Bikini Allsorts

Guerilla life drawings at the beach, which reveal more about me than my subjects

Frank, learning to draw

There should be so much more to travel than pointing and clicking, – how about taking a really good look, and going home with something more interesting, where every page is a surprise.
Illustrator Seamus Hefferman put it much better than me in ‘An Illustrated Life‘  by Danny Gregory (highly recommended and available through all good bookshops published by Howbooks Ohio).

” Traveling is very precious and fleeting, and most tourists make it less precious and more fleeting by speeding from site to site, snapping photos….  Mediating one’s experience in a foreign land through a tiny camera screen is sinful, so I do my best to translate the fascinating things I see through my eyes, mind and hand.  By letting the experience of a foreign land flow through you, it resonates in your memories in ways unavailable to the average tourist.  When you spend three hours drawing the majestic expanse of the Roman Forum, you leave with a visceral recollection – the smell of the breeze, the shine of the marble, the murmur of thirty-odd languages intermingling.”


  • Day 1:- Around the studios. Beginnners will have a crash course in basic shapes and perspective etc whist experienced artists can get their hand in sketching some pages around our house, we round the day off with a sketching drive putting into practice all the lessons of the day.
  • Days 2-5 Trips out and about


Sketching drive
Loreto and Recanati
San Severino
Sketching walk
Market day
  • Day 6, Finishing off, finding and augmenting themes and sticking it all together.

Here is a photobook of one of our journaling courses

Here are some examples of the journals created in 2016

Germaine's Journal
Jo's Journal

Some of my sketches

All illustrations by Caroline Crawford