7 Day Painting Holiday



£1200 - ensuite private room

Non-painting partner: £720


What's included


7th-14th July

21st-28th September

Year Planner 2018

Course Structure

Artists are welcome to set their own agenda, however below is a rough guide to the elements I would cover.  No part of the holiday is compulsory. The days begin with a lesson highlighting a particular aspect of painting or drawing, eg tone, form, etc and incorporating exercises to help artists understand, to free up the hand and to give confidence.  The morning then continues with free painting using the lessons learnt in the morning. In the afternoon the artists can try out new media or continue with work started in the morning.  We will also set up a longer  painting which can be worked on at the same time each day.

  • Day 1Form and line
  • Day 2Perspective and measuring
  • Day 3Tone
  • Day 4Colour
  • Day 5Composition and Abstraction
  • Day 6 – We pull it all together and all create masterpieces.
painting in italy

Vespa, Michelle Gilmore


On at least two days we will make excursions to Pioraco, Rocca d’Ajello or Rocca Varano (all within 10 minute’s drive). Artists can either concentrate on swift sketches  or work on larger pieces.  The tutor will always be on hand to help explain the process of choosing a subject, finding a mood, composition and the techniques available.  We look at how to make visual notes in a sketchbook and take digital photographs enabling further work at home.

Pioraco – We’re based at the one of many bars, from where you can paint the the town and always be within arms length of your expresso. (see gallery below)

art workshop europe

Rocca d’Ajello – A lovely local castle with internationally renowned gardens

or Rocca Varano an impressive medieval ruined fortess perched on an outcrop of rock high above the surrounding countryside.

Typical day

  •  9am – 10.30am: Lesson
  • 10.30am: snack and drinks.
  • 11am – 1pm: free painting with tuition.
  • 1pm: lunch.
  • 3pm – 6pm: painting with tuition.
  • 7.30pm: supper.

Excursion day – we spend the afternoon session out and about


Equipment and Materials

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